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Christ Redeemer
Events for June 2024
• 06/10/ KofC General Meeting
• 06/10/ KofC Officer Meeting
About  Knights of Columbus Council 12050

Grand Terrace Knights of Columbus Council 12050 was organized through the efforts of Brother Knights in Loma Linda  Council 9037 living in Grand Terrace and surrounding areas. Membership Director Leo Vinzon, Fr. Robert Tomkins of Christ the Redeemer Parish, Grand Knight William Kotlensky and Brothers Manuel Palencia, Bob Butkus and Charles Hershey spearheaded the new council's development. A charter organizational meeting was held on September 4, 1997 at Christ the Redeemer Parish Hall. A total of 18 Brother Knights transferred from the Loma Linda Council to the new Grand Terrace Council. These along with 14 additional Brother Knights joining the Grand Terrace Council constituted the charter members of the new council. Installation of officers for the charter council was conducted by District Deputy Dan Krafcisin on November 8, 1997.

The Council is named after our city located in southern California. Grand Terrace Council works closely with Christ the Redeemer Parish in Grand Terrace, providing funds for various projects, members being  active participants in their parish.


1. April 8, 2024 Officer Meeting 5:30 PM in hall

2. April 8, 2024 General Meeting 6:30 PM in hall 

3. See calendar for all coming degrees

We have a new insurance agent: Bob Olivas,  (714) 255-1170, bob.olivas@kofc.org 

 Link to Phillip Chavez talk at Sun City about Men role and Knights of Columbus

Click here for info on joining Council

Click here for member form to join council. Email form to christopher.w.orem@gmail.com

Fiesta Schedule:

April 20th (Saturday) Setup	
08:00 AM – 12:00 Noon	Need volunteers
April 21st (Sunday) Fiesta	
08:00 AM – 10:00 AM       Robert Godinez, Manual Palencia
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM       Willie Anderson
11:00 AM – 01:00 PM       Gamini Peiris, David Laskowski
01:00 PM – 02:00 PM       Richard Barron
02:00 PM – 04:00 PM       Need volunteers
04:00 PM – 06:00 PM       Need volunteers
After 06:00 PM Clean Up - Chris Orem, Jeff Moses, Gamini Peiris


Past Events

Brothers Robert Godinez and Manuel Magdaleno cooking pancakes

Pancake Breakfast

Mother's Day Rose prep for Diocese

Mother's Day

2023 Parish Fiesta

Parish Fiesta

2023 Eucharistic Procession; Council helps guiding people in march which was during a rain storm

2023 Eucharistic Procession

2022 Keep Christ in Christmas

2022 Keep Christ in Christmas

2022 Seminarian Burse

2022 Seminarian Burse

KofC Wheel Chairs

KofC Wheel Chairs

2022 -2023 Officers

2022-2023 New Officers

2022 Pledge of Allegience Proclamation, Grand Terrace honoring the Knight's of Colombus for putting "In God we Trust" in the Pledge of Allegeince

2022 GT KofC Award

2022 Mother's Day Roses', Knights prepping the roses

2022 Mother's Day Roses

2021 Burse Dinner, Knights that helped for the dinner

2021 Burse Dinner

New members to Knights of Columbus at degree ceremony. Daniel Sanchez (in blue shirt) our newest member. Welcome!

New Knights at degree ceremony

Star Council Award Presentation by Past State Deputy Joe Saliz to past Grand Knight Eric Robles and council

Star Council

Keep Christ in Christmas 2019 participants

Keep Christ in Christmas 2019

Father George Gonzalez at Freedom Wall with his plaque

Freedom Wall

Bishop Barnes with youth that help at Seminarian Burse

Burse 2019

Seminarian Burse 2017


  • Thank you all for everyone who helped with Seminarian Burse; It was a great success
Burse 2017

Mothers Days Roses


Mothers Days

Essay Winners 2017

  • Ages 17-14
  • 1st Nicole Shad
  • 2nd Jenney Diosadado
  • Ages 13-11
  • 1st Gabriela Romero
  • 2nd Victoria Bacon
  • 3rd Lovie Ramirez
  • Ages 10-7
  • 1st Nickolas Ramirez
  • 2nd Alexia Sanchez
Essay Winners

Parish Fiesta KofC booth 2017


  • Council members selling hamburgers and hot dogs at parish fiesta

Holy Week 2017


  • Council members put for up Cross for Holy Week. Thanks for our youth for painting the figure

Clergy Night at St George Ontario


  • Russell Almendarez, Alex Martinez Fr. George Gonzalez, Richard Barron, David Keeling members from 12050 Council. Over 200 people and 50 priest and deacon attended
Clergy Dinner

Manger scene built by council


  • Thanks to all who helped build the manger scene, especially our youth who painted the figures

Keep Christ in Christmas 2016 winners.

Click here to view posters

    • Ages 5 - 7
      • Mario Edgardo Gomez (1st)
      • Jillian Mendoza (2nd)
      • Payton Orem (3rd)
    • Ages 8 - 10
      • Aalyah Gonzales (1st)
      • Aiden Anguiano (2nd)
      • Gardemia Xihalit Sandoval (3rd)
    • Ages 11 - 14
      • Georgia Alvarez (1st)
      • Emily Lopez (2nd)
      • Julissa Gomez (3rd)
    • Adults
      • Gelana Alvarez (1st)

KofC Service Sign


  • Thanks to David Keeling for working with City of Grand Terrace
KofC Sign

Winter 2016 Pancake Breakfast


  • Thank you all for making our pancake a great success.

Keep Christ in Christmas 2015 winners.

Click here to view posters

    • Ages 5 - 7
      • Alexia Sanchez (1st)
      • Millie Macias (2nd)
      • Payton Orem (3rd)
    • Ages 8 - 10
      • Valeria Gomez (1st)
      • Victoria Garcia Bacon (2nd)
      • Vanessa Jarmillo (3rd)
    • Ages 11 - 14
      • Gelana Alvarez (1st)
      • Aaliyah Negrette (2nd)
      • Gessie Melchor (3rd)
    • Adults
      • Jasmine Torres (1st)
      • Nichole Shad (2nd)
      • Gevona Alvarez (3rd)

Fall 2015 Pancake Breakfast


  • Thank you all for making our pancake a great success.

Mother's Day Roses



Spring Pancake breakfast and youth car wash


  • Thank you all for joining us in our pancake breakfast and youth car wash.

Roe vs Wade rememberance


  • Thank you for all participating in the Roe vs Wade rememberance on January 31 and February 1, 2015.

Keep Christ in Christmas Posters


  • Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest Entries
    • Age 5-7
      • Simone Anna Garcia Bacon (3rd)
      • Nallely Merlos (2nd)
      • Nickolas Franz Ramirez (1st)
    • Age 8-10
      • Daisy Diosdado (3rd)
      • Victoria Marie Garcia Bacon (3rd)
      • Emily Negrete (2nd)
      • Aaliyah Negrete (1st)
    • Age 11-14
      • Kylee Osegueca (3rd)
      • Gelana Alvarez (2nd)
      • Georgia Alvarez (1st)
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Halloween Pancake Breakfast


  • Thank you for all your help for making this event successful. Go to Photo Gallery to see pictures.


Youth Day St Frances Xavier Cabrini

  • Youth Day at St Frances Xavier Cabrini in Yucaipa. The Knights of Columbus from Yucaipa and Grand Terrace feed lunch to 400 youth from around the diocese. Thanks you for all your help for making this event successful.

    Click here For Diocese Facebook Youth Photos


Spring Pancake Breakfast

  • Thanks you for all your help for making this event successful. Go to Photo Gallery to see pictures.

Mother Days Roses

  • Knights of Columbus and people around the diocese came together to put together rose bouquets for sale on Mother's Days. The proceeds go to Veronica's Home. Thanks you for purchasing the Mother's day roses. Go to Photo Gallery to see pictures.